6 Common Mistakes Marketing Applicants Make on Their Resume

6 Common Mistakes Marketing Applicants Make on Their Resume

With the majority of summer job applications now live, now is the perfect time to polish your job application. With midterms, assignments and pending job applications it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. The job process can be a lengthy and time-consuming process especially if you’re not used to it. The following are common mistakes students make on their marketing resumes for entry level positions.


Formatting is difficult to follow

The way you format your resume sends a message to recruiters. A disorganized, difficult to follow resume sends a red flag to recruiters. Spending the extra time to look over the way elements are aligned, the spacing and the margins will help you make a great initial impression. The following are key things to keep in mind for formatting

  • Is the formatting consistent throughout your resume? For example, choosing to bold one job title but not the rest.
  • Are your margins even?
  • Aligning elements on the page. Are the dates on the page lined up correctly?


Listing responsibilities and not accomplishments

A common misconception is outlining your responsibilities rather than focusing on the results or outcomes you were able to achieve from it. For example, in a previous position you were tasked with marketing a charity event for an organization. Mentioning “Created Facebook event page to help market charity event” is less effective than if you were to say, “Increased awareness for charity event by x% through creation of Facebook event page”. Tip: Rather than describe your responsibilities, try to quantify the extent of your achievements.


Large chunks of text

Writing sections with large chunks of text is another pitfall you want to avoid. Recruiters receive sometimes hundreds of applications for one position. As they sift through applications, one with large chunks of text is one they will avoid. Instead look to do the following:

  • Use bullet points to separate different points
  • Include the most impressive points first


Inconsistency with your LinkedIn profile

This goes back to the point about consistency. Recruiters use LinkedIn to find out more about potential candidates. A survey conducted by Adweek found that 87% of recruiters surveyed use LinkedIn as part of the recruiting process. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is updated with your latest accomplishments and experiences.


Listing every piece of software, you’ve worked with

This is a tempting thing to do to showcase proficiency in different pieces of technology. There’s a chance you may be asked a specific question about it, so if you’re going down this route be sure you can talk about it.


Submitting without proofreading

Before submitting your resume always proofread it. More than likely there will be some spelling mistake, formatting error etc. Send your resume around your network to get a fresh set of eyes to look over your resume. They will be able to help you spot easy errors and make suggestions for improvement.


Your resume is a reflection of yourself, thus you want to present the best version of you. Taking the time to double check these points should help you increase your chances of making it to the next stage of the recruiting process and give you confidence in what you are presenting.

LMA is hosting a marketing co-op panel for students on Friday March 16 from 11:00-11:50am in the career centre. This event will give students tips on how to secure a summer job in marketing. More specific details about the event will be posted on the LMA Facebook page in the next few days. This event is free for all students to attend and will count towards the speaker series progression. Past marketing co-op students will go over their experiences working in marketing and be able to go over questions you may have. Stay tuned for our future blog posts and be sure to like the LMA page on Facebook to never miss an update.


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